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    Tuesday, August 12, 2014   /   by Steven Blackwood

    Family loses THREE YEARS WAITING for their HOUSE TO SELL

    Three Years of Retirement spent waiting for HELP. Stay tuned for "the rest of the story". www.StevenBlackwood.com is committed to Fred and Betty and I am confident that they will be enjoying retirement back home with their children in the very near future. #Results #YourHomeSOLD www.TheBlackwoodGuarantee.com #MoreToCome

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    Monday, August 11, 2014   /   by Steven Blackwood

    Registration reveals Awesome Opportunity

    National campaign hasn't even launched yet but registration for www.TheGreatHomeGiveaway2014.com is exploding.  Arkansas is leading the pack on this Awesome Opporunity and www.StevenBlackwood.com intends to let everyone know so that they too can register. Duane Legate and Commissions Inc. continues to offer incredible opportunities and this sweepstakes is added "proof in the pudding".  Initially introduced on my weekly radio program BEYOND THE BOX a few weeks ago and the response has been phenominal.  Check it out for yourself and share the opportunity with friends.  I am happy that www.TheBlackwoodTeam.com is making the opportunity available for the people of Arkansas.  Always a pleasure to "give back" and this one is a #BigDeal.

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    Sunday, March 02, 2014   /   by William Porterfield

    Arkansas Homestead Tax Credit - Are You Getting It?

    If I were to give you the following two options, which would you choose?
    a.) Pay $350 in taxes
    b.) Not pay $350 in taxes
    I think the answer is obvious. However, I am amazed at the number of people who are unknowingly paying the state of Arkansas $350 more in property taxes than they should! In November of 2000, Amendment 79 was passed by the voters of Arkansas. This admendment allowed a credit of up to $300 (later changed to $350) for eligible taxpayers' real estate tax bill. In simple language, every homeowner gets a $350 credit on property taxes for his/her primary residence.
    Last week I was preparing my file for a home that was about to hit the market. During my research I pulled my client's tax bill and noticed he was not receiving his Homestead tax credit. After speaking with him and encouraging him to call the assessors office we discovered that he had paid $1,750 more in taxes than he should have. Unfortunately, the past years' taxes are not refundabl ...

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